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Nature Coast Chapter

Florida Native Plant Society

Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Land O' Lakes Heritage Park, 5401 Land O'Lakes Blvd., Land O'Lakes, FL 34639 



Our meetings are open to the public. Please come join our monthly meetings at 7PM at Heritage Park. Experienced presenters speak on a variety of subjects, from wildlife and their habitats, gardening with native plants, and everything in between!

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- Monthly Meeting- Nature Coast Chapter: (public invited)


November 9, 2021

7PM- Land O' Lakes Community Center

5401 US 41/Land O' Lakes Blvd.,

Land O' Lakes, Florida

Bluebirds - 2012 to 2020: What We Now Know.

Henry David Thoreau described the bluebird as “carrying the sky on its back.”  Unfortunately these colorful birds have been in decline for decades due to loss of habitat, loss of nesting sites and pesticide use in orchards.  This presentation will explain the West Pasco Audubon Bluebird Project which provides nest boxes and educates the public about how to help the bluebird thrive.  Through the monitoring of the nest boxes in various Pasco locations the project provides statistical evidence of how the local bluebird population is now doing . 

Mike Kell, has been a member of the West Pasco Audubon since 2006, has been a board member and is the Vice President of Education. He has been running the Bluebird Project since 2012 and currently is webmaster for the web site. Mike has been a past field trip leader and will begin teaching a Beginning Birding class in the fall. His Life List of birds seen is at 266 species. Mike and his wife, Laurie, have added several native plants to their yard over the years as the result of their association with the Florida Native Plant Society.


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Nature Coast Chapter needs you! Molly is retiring as President of our organization but has agreed to be
Vice President to facilitate and support a new President. Our other officers, Treasurer, Secretary, and
Chapter Representative are remaining in their jobs, as are the Committee Chairpersons. These are the
people that make up the Board of the Chapter. During the pandemic, many people drifted away from
activities in which we used to invest our time and concern. The Nature Coast Chapter still has a core
group of members that are carrying on; trying to maintain the activities that we always felt supported
the mission of FNPS. But we need more members to rally around!
Having held the position for several years in the past, I can say being President of this Chapter is like
driving a carriage with several horses, with a handful of reins to guide, maintaining a steady path
forward. A president schedules and moderates the public and Board meetings, setting the agenda
according to the guidance from the various committee people. The speaker and the field trip
chairpersons have done their jobs, providing interesting presenters and places to visit. Plant sales are
run by another group of people that have set up methods for a smooth operation. The treasury,
secretary, publicity, membership, educational materials are all handled by other persons that are guided
by the President and the Board. The Chapter representative, a member of the Board, liaises with the
State organization and reports back to the President and Chapter. We have a practiced operation that
functions well.
The President also speaks for the Chapter in response to emails, calls and other correspondence and any
official actions. The President may also guide the Chapter to policies that they believe are important. For
example, Molly believed education was important and did a great job sponsoring activities to educate
young people about the importance of native plants. The President appoints, or asks nicely, members to
do various jobs or be on the committees that get things done.
So if you are a person that believes they can handle the reins of this stagecoach, we need you. You
won’t need to crack a whip very often! Please, come forward and let us help you to help our Chapter.
We will have our election in November, according to our bylaws and we’d love to have a full slate of
candidates! Please call or email Molly at 813-469-9597 or if you have questions.




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Show your support for FNPS by buying a refundable voucher for our license plate! We need 3000 pre orders for this license plate in order for it to be produced. If we do not reach 3000 orders, the plate will not be made. For every order of a plate, the FNPS will receive $25 dollars, and the FNPS will receive $25 dollars for every plate renewal. Preorder a license plate to show your support for our native Florida landscape!



Show your support for FNPS by buying a voucher for our license plate.

The mission of the Florida Native Plant Society is to promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.

Your financial support helps fund:

Support for conservation land acquisition

Participation in land management that enhances habitat suitability for native plants, wildlife, and benefitial insects.

Education about our native species and landscapes

Public policies that protect our native flora, especially rare species

Supporting legislation to protect our natural lands and native plants.

Research on native plant species

Encouragement of local landscaping practices and policies that preserve Florida's native plant heritage

Information about native plants and native plant communities, and how we can help protect our natural resources and wildlife in urban environments.

FNPS is a member-driven non-profit organization.  We rely upon our members and other generous donors.

You can pre-order your license plate voucher in one of two ways:

Contact your local tax collector’s office or click on the link for the FNPS (on the upper right of this page) for a link to submit a form that is available on the FNPS website.




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